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  1. Gaming _SK

    Gaming _SK9 saatler önce

    I remember when I watched Lazarbeam's video about Kevin the cube and he used this scene

  2. Petar Zvezdanov

    Petar Zvezdanov9 saatler önce

    omg who put this song in the trailer this is horrible, sounds like any trailer for "The 100 " or some other CW stuff

  3. Shandiemann

    Shandiemann9 saatler önce

    "Cyberpunk: Black Lotus: The Anime Series Running On Low Texture Settings."

  4. CodeBlack404

    CodeBlack4049 saatler önce

    You're trying to tell me this chick can do sick martial arts take downs of multiple thugs with ease, but a little shoulder check knocks her ass down? Give me a break...

  5. Kieran Wyatt

    Kieran Wyatt9 saatler önce

    I didn’t even know this podcast came out…. if this were actually put out to the metalocalypse community there would be so much more feedback for more of this show. It is still brining in new viewers, it’s content from 2007 is still relevant today, there is so much potential for this show.

  6. Josue Dr

    Josue Dr9 saatler önce

    I think they wanted to appeal to a broader audience with this trailer, the action and song feel weird to me But i'm excited and will give this a chance, its the only reason ill get crunchyroll

  7. Lightning Volt

    Lightning Volt9 saatler önce

    Impostor??? amogus??? 😳😳😳😳

  8. Over Sight

    Over Sight9 saatler önce

    This episode actually hit me in the feels because i think I get how morty was feeling and I honestly got really sad after watching this but man was it good

  9. GnarlyDude970

    GnarlyDude9709 saatler önce

    The wedding is like a fever dream, I love it

  10. Rakesh Malhotra

    Rakesh Malhotra9 saatler önce

    Our TV signal takes light years to reach his planet. The fact that nobody objected to this shows how dumb the Smith family is 😂

  11. Mike Whaley

    Mike Whaley9 saatler önce

    That was pretty cool

  12. stan hanley

    stan hanley9 saatler önce


  13. snail

    snail9 saatler önce

    why do i only remember a few bumps from throughout the years

  14. No One

    No One9 saatler önce

    How the dildo and vibrator were born lmfao 🤣

  15. A Yank Abroad

    A Yank Abroad9 saatler önce

    When I was young we we're poor. Not borderline starvation poor, but extra pleasantries and special comforts poor. My dear working class, single parent Mother couldn't afford to buy us toys. So, I used to draw my own action figures and cut them out of plain white paper. I'd doodle giant monster men and muscle bound soldiers gripping massive weapons, aliens and all types of kung-fu creatures. I'd do that all day and play. Just get lost in my imagination, basking in the sunlight coming through the oversized den window. This video brought back that memory so vividly and bittersweetly. I sometimes long for that type of quiet, genuine contentment again. Thanks Joe 😊

  16. Richard Jitters

    Richard Jitters9 saatler önce

    Wow i never knew Lego Friends was doing an aged up version.

  17. NotKidzBopinmymomshonda

    NotKidzBopinmymomshonda9 saatler önce

    whats the background music called💀💀

  18. lammano

    lammano9 saatler önce

    feel crushed this has been allowed to happen. It's the equivalent of walking into an art gallery and throwing a bucket of paint over a masterpiece

  19. GnarlyDude970

    GnarlyDude9709 saatler önce

    Is Gregg's neck fused? And Tim is a genius with this style of comedy, make something look like it's been planned & rehearsed but falling apart on live TV. I love it

  20. SOVIET

    SOVIET10 saatler önce

    You bet your ass thats a giant fucking boulder

  21. Anthony Lawrence

    Anthony Lawrence10 saatler önce

    Don’t release this. You’re taunting the sanctity of Blade Runner

  22. Digit Toll

    Digit Toll10 saatler önce

    1:54 When I hear people say they like the prequels but hate the sequels

  23. byindani

    byindani10 saatler önce

    Jim Gaffigan as who?

  24. Fig,Peach,Tomato

    Fig,Peach,Tomato10 saatler önce

    At the beginning of the season, I thought R&M might come back to its glory of season 1 and season 2, but ....this show is really becoming a Family Guy. Both shows were really terrific at early seasons, but it quickly became copy of itself.. Some brilliant episodes pop up from time to time on both shows, but people no longer expect brilliance from whole package.

  25. Emperor Dex Starr ™

    Emperor Dex Starr ™10 saatler önce


  26. wwindowlicker808

    wwindowlicker80810 saatler önce

    I sure hope they release the Decker vs Dracula VHS in full screen. I hate those black bars on the top and bottom of my TV

  27. Tyler Call

    Tyler Call10 saatler önce

    A few things: 1. Not a huge fan of the art style. It looks like very bad video game graphics. 2. Because of the art style the models seem to move slow af which makes the action slow af. I would have much rather had it in the style of cowboy bebop 3. The song was alright, but where is that dark & dirty synth that is everything cyberpunk? I'm cool with trying new things but that's such a staple and it isn't even subtlely put anywhere! 4. The katana is baller! And what a cool and exciting idea! Hope it pans out better than the trailer!

  28. Boneded Scrab

    Boneded Scrab10 saatler önce

    I just feel sad now

  29. Nazareno Hossfeldt

    Nazareno Hossfeldt10 saatler önce

    People already making up their minds about this over a two minute trailer instead of staying optimistic and keeping expectations in check. I personally find the visuals reminiscent to early 90s full motion video sequences like the ones in so many blizzard games of that time and system shock, which have a charm to them. One might say that's cheap but keep in mind this is a TV series which have considerably lower budget per episode than a feature film. clean fmv-like episodic content isn't half-bad. It's a shame nowadays the nu-nerd communities are nothing but spiteful and exclusionary, it's sad to see that this will probably earn low ratings as a result and any hope for future blade runner stories will be binned.

  30. tbirum

    tbirum10 saatler önce

    I like how Morty busts his nuts on the turnstile, LOL

  31. trash _

    trash _10 saatler önce

    Joe kinda sounds like Jim Henson-

  32. Paige Ellis

    Paige Ellis10 saatler önce

    Thanks for posting this AS it’s a great show!

  33. Richard Dakazo

    Richard Dakazo10 saatler önce

    "You have the constitutional right to be a dumbass" fucking sent me

  34. JuicyJuiceTM

    JuicyJuiceTM10 saatler önce

    Holy crap I can’t believe they got obama on the show

  35. Hayes Hacker

    Hayes Hacker10 saatler önce

    just munch on some mushrooms and relax ahaha!

  36. Daniel Perez

    Daniel Perez10 saatler önce

    looks like cut-scenes from an old ps2 game. And I don't know why, but I love it.

  37. Richard Dakazo

    Richard Dakazo10 saatler önce

    Georgia Man giving Florida Man a run for his money

  38. Blim Blam

    Blim Blam10 saatler önce

    This character deserved more screen time.

  39. Gio

    Gio10 saatler önce

    I unironically want to buy a set of VFA classics just for the commentary tracks

  40. José Veiga

    José Veiga10 saatler önce

    Really, a poor young girl? How very cliche nowadays

  41. muitosabao

    muitosabao10 saatler önce

    This looks extremely bad/low effort. Apologies to those involved and had to work hard on this.

  42. Francis

    Francis10 saatler önce


  43. Pop

    Pop10 saatler önce

    Why must good things be turned to crap? So many lazy degenerate and woke "jokes"..

  44. Aura

    Aura10 saatler önce

    Enemies to lovers troupe😩😩😩/j

  45. Muhammad Dzikrullah Nurmiftahul Ihsan

    Muhammad Dzikrullah Nurmiftahul Ihsan10 saatler önce

    This scenes reminds me of up

  46. oblivexx

    oblivexx10 saatler önce

    When I saw this I thought the spirits and the living superjail prisoners would join forces and destroy the place.

  47. BACENA

    BACENA10 saatler önce

    Does this need to exist? no. so like why?

  48. RetroGamingGenesis

    RetroGamingGenesis10 saatler önce

    This was the best episode in a while, if not yet. I hope to see the President and Rick become like best friendemies.

  49. USA - a country of freedom and justice Fact

    USA - a country of freedom and justice Fact10 saatler önce

    Cute episod)

  50. Agent Zsro

    Agent Zsro10 saatler önce

    This remind me Westworld First two seasons scifi hard, but s3 a generic action show.

  51. Augistine Aquinas

    Augistine Aquinas10 saatler önce

    Stealing from national treasure? Big weird champ

  52. Queazyjam

    Queazyjam10 saatler önce

    What the fuck is this?

  53. 罪のないKalSyd

    罪のないKalSyd10 saatler önce

    Love it sooo much

  54. Bronson Vaden

    Bronson Vaden10 saatler önce


  55. simsportif

    simsportif10 saatler önce

    "I am selling new york to France.." For the love of god keep it, keep it! We already have a city choke full of snobbish pricks, they make up a 6th of our population! We don't 20 million more, i beg of you!

  56. Miguel Garay

    Miguel Garay10 saatler önce

    always a pleasure to hear the great Keith David as The President

  57. Bloody Raptor

    Bloody Raptor10 saatler önce

    Music is key in Blade Runner so this kinda already deterred me. I'll still watch it, but I don't have high hopes. It looks like it shouldn't/doesn't need to be connected to Blade Runner in any way

  58. El Duardo

    El Duardo10 saatler önce

    I love how the Statue of Liberty being a giant death robot was the simplest and most mundane thing that happened in the episode.

  59. Elijah Vallette

    Elijah Vallette10 saatler önce


  60. Thomas

    Thomas10 saatler önce

    An i-im...poster

  61. Keiji Johnson

    Keiji Johnson10 saatler önce

    Is it me or did it seem like the music is drowning out the voices more and more throughout the trailer?

  62. Youtoofoo

    Youtoofoo10 saatler önce

    Love their continuous rivalry.

  63. Chef Banjo

    Chef Banjo10 saatler önce

    Dan Harmon is truly the Satan to Morty’s Job.

  64. jbugg

    jbugg10 saatler önce

    every time i see Gregg eating popcorn, i need to go-to the kitchen and make some. 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

  65. TaiRayBtz

    TaiRayBtz10 saatler önce

    oh thats why i recon

  66. Orophile

    Orophile11 saatler önce

    Me : Im scared… Also me : WONT YOU TELL ME WHY DOES IT SOUNDS SO EASY TO BREATHE ON TV AYE 💃💃💃 Me again : im scared…

  67. Alexandre Ebrahemian

    Alexandre Ebrahemian11 saatler önce

    I just realized of it's not writte no- canonical So it happened in the rickiverse

  68. mister_

    mister_11 saatler önce


  69. Manual Multiboxing

    Manual Multiboxing11 saatler önce

    I tried not to judge it before giving the trailer a chance... But that tingly sensation in my head is for sure almost completely cringe.

  70. Shitstain Reborn

    Shitstain Reborn11 saatler önce

    God, this lady's eyes are so fucking huge I could start a small farmstead on them. A house, barn, 25 acres of field, and a pasture could fit on just one of her peepers.

  71. Dave Zarate

    Dave Zarate11 saatler önce

    Whats the song at the end?

  72. YDKY

    YDKY11 saatler önce

    Feels more like a Ghost in the Shell than a Blade Runner

  73. Filthy Flames

    Filthy Flames11 saatler önce

    why are they british

  74. COdeNaMeBOOm

    COdeNaMeBOOm11 saatler önce

    No way he said big dixk the president hahahah

  75. Spencer Sullivan

    Spencer Sullivan11 saatler önce

    5:17 dry run makes more sense in this context not much but more definitely

  76. Jonathon Davis

    Jonathon Davis11 saatler önce

    This looks like a cross between Pixar and Resident Evil. Could we not afford a Japanese director?

  77. Jacob Baranowski

    Jacob Baranowski11 saatler önce

    Season 5 is going to be as good as season 3