1 HOUR 'Tomorrow' - Chanyeol (찬열) of EXO (엑소) Lyrics

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1 HOUR loop 'Tomorrow' - Chanyeol (찬열) of EXO (엑소) Lyrics trhttp.info/vision/video/fnailqZmas1naGU
Song Description:
Album: Tomorrow - SM STATION
Artist: Chanyeol
Release Date: 2021.04.06
genre: Rap/Hip Hop
a sales company: Dreamus
Executive Product: SM Entertainment Co., Ltd. Producter: SOO-MAN LEE Music & Sound Superior: YOO YOUNG JIN Vocal Directing by ButterFly Background Vocals by Won Sung-yeon, ButterFly, Pavlo Bowman Recorded by Min Sung-so @doobdoob Studio Pro-Tools Operating by ButterFly Digital Editing by ButterFly Engineered for Mix by Lee Min-gyu @ SM Big Shot Studio Mixed by Lee Min-gyu @SM Big Shot Studio Mastered by Namwoo Kwon @ 821 Sound Mastering
Source: MELON
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  1. Zainab Hussain

    Zainab Hussain7 gün önce

    Maybe then tomorrow

  2. Irene Kusuma

    Irene Kusuma26 gün önce

    because 2:34 minutes isn't enough for me to enjoy his voice! so here i am. don't worry, i stream his MV of course literally everyday, everytime i open youtube. lol

  3. Dany Alves

    Dany Alves29 gün önce

    You gave me a wonderful gift: this song on loop! I love you!!! 🥰😘

  4. Ocasean id

    Ocasean id29 gün önce

    Im listening this while studying ,😌😌

  5. John Theo

    John Theo27 gün önce

    Same in the middle of school My friends looking at me lip singing this

  6. J Valdez

    J Valdez29 gün önce

    Thank you!! I needed this!!