200IQ vs 10IQ Minecraft Plays #8


  1. Nagato Uzumaki Fake

    Nagato Uzumaki Fake17 saatler önce

    2:51:Will kill the other kill the other just kill him, be careful good break matheus, "screams", the dumb animal Thanks :)

  2. Cool Ender

    Cool Ender2 gün önce

    Is this lil nas x? 7:16

  3. DUXY O

    DUXY O3 gün önce


  4. DUXY O

    DUXY O3 gün önce

    0:57 that wasnt his fault. its supposed to start with right hand then left hand but the game just placed the lava on his left while he had blocks on his right not his fault he aint 10IQ :

  5. Bubble bunny

    Bubble bunny7 gün önce

    trhttp.infoUgx7L2fEZsi53wrF69t4AaABCQ hi use this clip for your next video

  6. Pokuś

    Pokuś7 gün önce

    3:19 jest Polska, jest like

  7. iiBluFlame

    iiBluFlame9 gün önce


  8. Trident 3216

    Trident 321611 gün önce

    Doglassola representando os br isso aew

  9. cow

    cow11 gün önce

    My department is 200 IQ? trhttp.info/vision/video/j5h8qdCBq5ijjGU

  10. Cleo 4 Yardımcısı

    Cleo 4 Yardımcısı13 gün önce

    Aga be saniye

  11. heyitzRhyme

    heyitzRhyme14 gün önce

    Ever noticed how there's never a bad Wallibear clip?

  12. TrickTheCrick

    TrickTheCrick15 gün önce

    5:55 when Dream changed nickname? :D

  13. sup1br

    sup1br15 gün önce

    why everyone have a very low fps? so lagging ( no oopsite)

  14. nextwen XD

    nextwen XD18 gün önce

    5:56 thank god for quackinnit for doing that awesome play

  15. Destroyer TheOG

    Destroyer TheOG18 gün önce

    Only 2 were even good

  16. Vib

    Vib20 gün önce

    wallibear is god

  17. GoodBoyScar

    GoodBoyScar20 gün önce

    Well i won 4v1 once

  18. Prajjwal Singh

    Prajjwal Singh20 gün önce

    5:52 it was dream

  19. G-Bros

    G-Bros20 gün önce

    I’m too young for discord or Reddit

  20. LytningStryke YT

    LytningStryke YT20 gün önce

    2:37 - My man committed mass murder

  21. Caio Augustho

    Caio Augustho21 gün önce

    2:56 ô animal burro hasjifhaiusghaiosuhd

  22. KylePlayzPH

    KylePlayzPH22 gün önce

    I just did a 2v1 in a cracked server and it was insane (i was not streaming at that point) Pin me gamers react

  23. Vivaan Gupta

    Vivaan Gupta22 gün önce

    Love your vids gamers react

  24. Lee Rosenbaum

    Lee Rosenbaum22 gün önce

    wallibear play bedwars with me kill me plz

  25. Lee Rosenbaum

    Lee Rosenbaum22 gün önce

    vinyin i hate you idiot gamers react ma rage parts of me

  26. Maqbool Ahmed

    Maqbool Ahmed23 gün önce

    5:54 It's dreams Speedruner vs 5 hunters manhunt video lol

  27. MzIrresitible

    MzIrresitible24 gün önce


  28. Maqbool Ahmed

    Maqbool Ahmed23 gün önce


  29. Maqbool Ahmed

    Maqbool Ahmed23 gün önce

    It's dreams Speedruner vs 5 hunters manhunt video lol

  30. werica francielle

    werica francielle24 gün önce


  31. Carl Thorning

    Carl Thorning25 gün önce

    I'm starting to think Gamers React hates Dream.

  32. kenzo alvarizy adhitomo

    kenzo alvarizy adhitomo25 gün önce

    suberibe walibear


    XL GAMING25 gün önce

    I don’t have milkshake but I sub

  34. Haris Serifovic

    Haris Serifovic25 gün önce

    why at 5:54 dreams name is quackinnit..?

  35. Stress Nugget

    Stress Nugget25 gün önce

    Who's Quackinnit, Is it Dream's secret acc or something

  36. SaadFarras Purworejo

    SaadFarras Purworejo26 gün önce

    05:52 this is dream manhunt

  37. Chyoulld

    Chyoulld26 gün önce


  38. e. aminhuslen

    e. aminhuslen26 gün önce

    5:55 the dream

  39. e. aminhuslen

    e. aminhuslen26 gün önce

    1 vs 5

  40. Wilson Junior

    Wilson Junior27 gün önce


  41. xXRønbëXx

    xXRønbëXx27 gün önce


  42. Max programing tutorials

    Max programing tutorials27 gün önce

    People does a one block extension: 200iq People loes the game: 10 iq GAMERS REACT LOGIC

  43. Wasteros

    Wasteros27 gün önce

    7:20 saniye ? xd

  44. Ocraftj

    Ocraftj28 gün önce

    Why does dream say quackinnit?

  45. Alvino Gamerz Indonesia

    Alvino Gamerz Indonesia29 gün önce

    1:14 NOOBB

  46. Giang Truong

    Giang Truong29 gün önce

    0:22 jokes on you I don’t drink milkshakes

  47. 0 0

    0 029 gün önce

    5:57 isnt Dream?

  48. Tio Daizin

    Tio Daizin29 gün önce

    2:53 o douglassola do nada kkkkkkkkkk

  49. El_Habo88

    El_Habo8829 gün önce

    5:53 This Clip Is From Dream...

  50. LightningTelly

    LightningTellyAylar önce

    3:45 like honestly what are these clips, there are much better plays among the community and then something like that is called a 200 IQ play in gamers react?!?!?!?!?!??!

  51. maciek prosek

    maciek prosekAylar önce

    3:24 pies XDDD

  52. Clq_Dark

    Clq_DarkAylar önce

    Even dream is here? Bruh :V

  53. nuffegnorf

    nuffegnorfAylar önce

    6:46 me after my mom telling me something but she is wrong about everthing XD

  54. ercan akbulat

    ercan akbulatAylar önce

    saniye gamers react ye çıkmış XD

  55. Daniel Anjelo Tactaquin

    Daniel Anjelo TactaquinAylar önce

    1:57 wtf Cheese?

  56. Natasha Belshaw

    Natasha BelshawAylar önce

    call your youtube channel minecraft React

  57. Jake Savage

    Jake SavageAylar önce

    I won a 2v1 using only a punch 2 bow

  58. Karma Ninja

    Karma NinjaAylar önce

    2:56 NÃÃO ANIMAL BURRO! Douglas é internacional

  59. GamePlay Crafter

    GamePlay CrafterAylar önce

    2:55 NÃO!!! SEU ANIMAL BURRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Misael Martinez

    Misael MartinezAylar önce

    5:52 that's dream

  61. Alan Maceyko

    Alan MaceykoAylar önce

    "i own mario kart ds" Ah yes a man of culture

  62. D a v 1

    D a v 1Aylar önce

    Douglassola this is portuguese LOLkkkkkkk

  63. Tony Tony

    Tony TonyAylar önce

    I hope my sister died right now

  64. Peterson7 gamer

    Peterson7 gamerAylar önce

    5:54 Dream :b

  65. T4zchi

    T4zchiAylar önce

    Someone: *clicks with 24 cps in bedwars/skywars Gamers React: OMG 1000000000 IQ Someone: *mislicks Gamers React: NOOB HAHA UR 10IQ

  66. Jordan Banks

    Jordan BanksAylar önce

    That guy that died to lava when it had water in front of him need to stop using texture packs

  67. Mr Valorc

    Mr ValorcAylar önce


  68. Igor Mladenovic

    Igor MladenovicAylar önce

    super videos

  69. Exo

    ExoAylar önce

    7:53 that is what i f*cking hate. You call this a pro move when he uses scroll clicking. Please stop using clips like these :\

  70. Gamersyt 136

    Gamersyt 136Aylar önce

    I didn't subscribe in 5 secs and my milkshake actually was warm when I saw after not subscribing

  71. Zwagg

    ZwaggAylar önce

    Whoever in 1:13 , i hate u

  72. Rafcio1408

    Rafcio1408Aylar önce

    3:25 in polish THERE WAS "pies" it means Dog

  73. Hiten Upadhyay

    Hiten UpadhyayAylar önce


  74. Cherukupalli Veni. Gayathri

    Cherukupalli Veni. GayathriAylar önce

    Dream is name quak innit

  75. IAmGreenLOL

    IAmGreenLOLAylar önce

    200 IQ: *bedwars* 10 IQ: *minecraft*

  76. Dark Eclipse

    Dark EclipseAylar önce

    That quack person just did what dream did

  77. Boran Ömer YILDIZ

    Boran Ömer YILDIZAylar önce

    7:22 laughed so hard

  78. Veacha

    VeachaAylar önce

    5:53 no is dream I watch his videos already

  79. EmMax m

    EmMax mAylar önce

    Who is QuackInnIt that was dream

  80. Sadie Roblox

    Sadie RobloxAylar önce

    Me: My milkshake will go warm but I'm already subbed also me : likes so my milkshake I have in the future won't get warm

  81. SantinoMBD

    SantinoMBDAylar önce

    There is water right next to him: * transparent water * thats why i hate shaders

  82. Aidan Heidelberger

    Aidan HeidelbergerAylar önce

    6:00 u meant dream right? not quackinnit whoever that is they took the clip ur crediting the wrong person

  83. Aidan Heidelberger

    Aidan HeidelbergerAylar önce

    0:01 who else heard mario

  84. JManu

    JManuAylar önce

    6:00 no that’s dream

  85. JManu

    JManuAylar önce

    He didn’t react quickly to the fireball, he tried to hit the enemy and when he attacked he threw the fireball causing it to go back

  86. normarda

    normardaAylar önce

    saniye abi!!!!!


    Bruno NISHIYAMA VARGASAylar önce

    0:03 when minecraft damage noises have more music accuracy than you

  88. The Reaper

    The ReaperAylar önce

    5:58 wait whoo Sorry

  89. ಡ

    Aylar önce

    2:51 qm é br deixa o like

  90. KriticalX

    KriticalXAylar önce

    3:15 this man went through the floor

  91. Hoàng Linh Vũ

    Hoàng Linh VũAylar önce

    5:56 that's Dream, not QuackInnit


    JHOT MANTERAylar önce

    MEU DEUS mais brasileiro no video de gringo





    JHOT MANTERAylar önce


  95. 1Gabris

    1GabrisAylar önce

    solinha aparecendo kkkkkkkkk

  96. Dharmendra Joshi

    Dharmendra JoshiAylar önce

    What the hack man change the name of that clip 5:52 that was Dream not quacklnnit

  97. Otávio

    OtávioAylar önce

    até o douglas aqui kkk

  98. İsmail Efe Eker

    İsmail Efe EkerAylar önce

    7:23 yessss saniye is turkish 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  99. Gabriel Józefczyk

    Gabriel JózefczykAylar önce

    3:25 ja tu usłyszałem "pies", a nie "yes"

  100. Zain Hasan

    Zain HasanAylar önce

    I don’t get it, is YorGood in this vid?

  101. codeBLACKOUT

    codeBLACKOUTAylar önce

    7:20 saniye.

  102. Will EMS MLGG

    Will EMS MLGGAylar önce

    Badboyhalo: I HATE THE THUMBNAIL U MUPHIN me: Hi i subbed and like its funny

  103. Dang Nhat

    Dang NhatAylar önce

    5:50 Literally the clip is from Dream. Why did that guy take the name of the recorder?

  104. Geko Babo

    Geko BaboAylar önce

    Saniyeeeeeeeeeeee reyiz