ITZY "bㅣㄴ틈있지" EP.16 (FULL Ver.)

ITZY "bㅣㄴ틈있지" EP.16 (FULL Ver.)

@ Wednesday Night 8PM (KST)

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  1. F

    F2 gün önce

    26:31 I just love when ITZY & GG are connected tho, especially when Ryujin said it, even just something like this, my fav

  2. Tina V

    Tina V4 gün önce

    I'm sorry but what does "Bindoong" mean!??

  3. k

    k5 gün önce

    stan itzy for clear skin 🤍

  4. Soyeon The Genius

    Soyeon The Genius7 gün önce

    I still cry and laugh with the message part 😭

  5. mary althene Piedad

    mary althene Piedad13 gün önce

    Yuna totally looks like Vilanelle in Killing Eve here. remember her pink dress. yuna has yellow ver

  6. Lali Bon

    Lali Bon14 gün önce

    Girls :😢😭😰😥 Chaeryeong: 😁😀😃😄😆

  7. morning hair

    morning hair16 gün önce

    I know I'm like 2 months late, but let's be honest WHO PUT THIS BOWL OF ONIONS HERE???

  8. Trisha Talaroc

    Trisha Talaroc18 gün önce

    Midzy's letters got me crying.

  9. MIDZY 4EVER!!!!!!!!

    MIDZY 4EVER!!!!!!!!18 gün önce


  10. luchi

    luchi19 gün önce

    who is bindoongee???

  11. MIDZY 4EVER!!!!!!!!

    MIDZY 4EVER!!!!!!!!18 gün önce

    The viewers

  12. liz g

    liz g26 gün önce

    Though lia and ryujin are close lia barely says I love you to her like yeji does.Maybe ryujin always wondered if lia loves her as much as she does.But I'm sure the fans know they all love each other like sisters.

  13. Blink Blink

    Blink Blink3 gün önce

    Yeah, This is kinda same with my interpretation of Lia's letter, I can't remember if its on vlive or other videos of itzy but I think it's ryujin who said Lia rarely compliment her before so when Lia compliment her she will kinda shocked and happy. Idk if my memory is right I really can't remember where i watch it.

  14. Fatima a

    Fatima a27 gün önce

    1 month and I still crying over this

  15. nOoR

    nOoRAylar önce

    45:13 looking so pretty while crying

  16. nOoR

    nOoRAylar önce

    I'm sorry that I laughed at them crying over birthday messages especially one from Itzy to Ryujin. Its touching but they're really cute I just can't 😭😂

  17. Myrna Manalo

    Myrna ManaloAylar önce

    When lia looked like shes ready to fight to anyone who get in her way while dancing

  18. Love Cosette

    Love CosetteAylar önce

    Can’t believe JYP uploaded this full vid. 😭😭😭 LIA basically CONFESSED!!!! Like there’s no other way to interpret it

  19. Joanna King

    Joanna KingAylar önce

    Huhuhuhu this ep is soooo heartwarming. I really loved the message smidzys and members gave to rj. 🤍 you truly see bond they have, and how they are each other's support and cheerleader. Hope they will stay like that for a loooong time. 🤍 itzy, midzy, let's fly!

  20. SoReveLink

    SoReveLinkAylar önce

    Idk why but I can’t help but think there’s a lot more meaning behind Lia’s letter than what it seems. Though, I don’t want to assume so I will just stay adoring their beautiful friendship.

  21. Pizzaroll

    Pizzaroll29 gün önce

    I’d like to think it’s platonic but she said “way more than you think”

  22. SoReveLink

    SoReveLinkAylar önce

    Is it an Aries thing to be aggressive outside but sensitive af in the inside 😂

  23. Zoe Zoe

    Zoe ZoeAylar önce

    It’s been six years for them... such a long time.

  24. Patty S

    Patty SAylar önce

    I dont want to think Lia just confessed. But i can't put or think of it in a different way. I try to understand that its just platonic or something might be wrong with the subs, but nope! It is what it is. And by the looks of Ryujin's face, she accepted it. 🥺🥺🥺

  25. Patty S

    Patty SAylar önce

    Lia's message to Ryujin and me was like 🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 Girl whuuuut? Did you just??????

  26. Adiba Shakila

    Adiba ShakilaAylar önce

    Gw indo sendiri kah??

  27. I am me

    I am meAylar önce

    Lia basically confessed her love to Ryujin and she accepted it from the looks of it

  28. I am me

    I am meAylar önce

    @Love Cosette I don't mean it that seriously, and of course not, since Ryujin is such a realistic and rational person.

  29. Love Cosette

    Love CosetteAylar önce

    I don’t think she really accepted. It’s possible that the feelings are mutual but I don’t think Ryujin is the type of person who will risk her career for a relationship. Maybe that’s why they cried because it’s such a complicated and painful situation.

  30. I am me

    I am meAylar önce

    @Patty S though I want my Ryuji ship, but Ryulia has been shaking me.

  31. Patty S

    Patty SAylar önce

    Yas same thoughts! Ryujin was all smile and crying at the same time when Lia was saying that. 🥺🥺🥺 Its official ya'll!!!

  32. I am me

    I am meAylar önce

    45:15 I'm sorry but I can't, Yuna makes me laugh here XD

  33. neil baltazar

    neil baltazarAylar önce

    We love chaeryeong

  34. ryuusuke

    ryuusukeAylar önce

    i wanted to write a letter too and make ryujin feel loved and all but i think my fellow midzys and bindoongees did that for me, it's more than enough for me to see ryujin cry of happiness knowing that she herself is loved and supported by so many people in this world. i already greeted you on your birthday but i'd still greet you today, thank you for everything and belated happy birthday to this softie.

  35. Kerstie Yenyen

    Kerstie YenyenAylar önce


  36. yuta's stare can kill me and oli

    yuta's stare can kill me and oliAylar önce

    No ones talking about the fact Chaeryeong didnt cry at all, she must've been hiding and keeping all the tears drained inside her.

  37. Loki of Asgard

    Loki of AsgardAylar önce

    Starts at 1:38

  38. Thảo Nguyễn thị mai

    Thảo Nguyễn thị maiAylar önce

    I’m really sad for Ryujin. She is hated by people, constantly making videos that make people believe she is a bully on the ITZY members, especially Yeji. While the two girls are very in love, caring for each other. I don’t want anyone to be hurt by these slander, i hope everyone if you see the bad videos, slander, or collage to make Ryujin a bully, report it. Hope everyone will protect all members of ITZY. Especially Ryujin because of her personality, cold and hot, strong but sensitive, always taking care of every one silently. It’s a shame that the more popular she get the more hate cutting videos she slanders her. WHAT PEOPLE DO IT PROTECT RYUJIN, PLEAS


    PAULO COSTAAylar önce

    >> =====> THE BRASIL SUPPORTS ITZY ... !!! Paulo costa / International) >>=====> 07 05 2021 ============== >======== < ===============

  40. mary althene Piedad

    mary althene PiedadAylar önce

    It's 10 min to 9am as I go to work, my eyes are puffy now from crying 😭😘😍

  41. mary althene Piedad

    mary althene PiedadAylar önce

    Note* #Ryujin's dad's name is Shin Sohan and his bday is Apr 23 😊

  42. 류진

    류진Aylar önce

    44:23 뿌엥의 시작..

  43. Kamsa Wangsa

    Kamsa WangsaAylar önce

    I'm crying like anything at their speech time 🤧🤧🤧💜

  44. Brianna Birckett

    Brianna BirckettAylar önce

    Everything about this video and their friendship is so precious. Ryujin and ITZY as a whole deserve the world. We need more kind hearted loving people like them in this world. 🤍

  45. Fathima Usman

    Fathima UsmanAylar önce

    Yeji so cute 3:19

  46. No Names

    No NamesAylar önce

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYUJIN, MY BIAS AND ACE IN ITZY. First time I saw you was on MIXNINE, after that I was so happy your now in ITZY 💕

  47. kalin calin

    kalin calinAylar önce

    I'm glad that the bickering among itzy is only momentary, that's a sign of a good relationship ^^

  48. kalin calin

    kalin calinAylar önce

    45:16 Yuna is me when I watch a well-made sad movie/serie/etc. In all seriousness, seeing itzy cry like that for an activity as simple and harmless as reading birthday letters is really telling of how much they care for each other. Or at least from my pov. ITZY, I wish you all the best!

  49. kalin calin

    kalin calinAylar önce

    Ryujin is so precious! Out the "I wanna be me", now I want to be Ryujin's grandkid!

  50. kalin calin

    kalin calinAylar önce

    Aww midzys are so good at writing brithday messages :'( (I'm a little jealous of their writing skills lol)

  51. Uncle M

    Uncle MAylar önce

    Was gonna have a heart attack when Yeji brought the cake. The flashback of her cake just popped right in lol

  52. Melanie Fernández

    Melanie FernándezAylar önce

    49:38 i think we all made the same expression at that moment (then we cried)

  53. Mateen kurd

    Mateen kurdAylar önce

    Happy birthday ryujin I'm Kurdish fan

  54. Karla Bal

    Karla BalAylar önce

    OMG enserio no contuve mis lágrimas con la parte de Lia✨

  55. _once_blink_midzy_my_

    _once_blink_midzy_my_Aylar önce

    🇹🇷TURKISH MİDZY🇹🇷TEOKİE 🇹🇷MİDZY🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  56. Hosi D

    Hosi DAylar önce

    Yeji is so sweet

  57. chosenlight salvacion

    chosenlight salvacionAylar önce


  58. armourinverse

    armourinverseAylar önce


  59. SonicAwareness

    SonicAwarenessAylar önce

    56:50 The actual song played was *TAEYON - "One Day"* but this upload cuts out the entire segment.

  60. SonicAwareness

    SonicAwarenessAylar önce

    52:52 The actual broadcast was was *TWICE - "Feel Special"* with an AMAZING Yeji dance party featuring Yuna. It's cut from this clip but I highly encourage you to look it up!!!

  61. SonicAwareness

    SonicAwarenessAylar önce

    31:24 The montage of video clips here contains edited audio. The actual broadcast used the original music from the original airings.

  62. SonicAwareness

    SonicAwarenessAylar önce

    28:18 The original broadcast audio was *Busker Busker - "Cherry Blossom Ending"*

  63. spasycah

    spasycahAylar önce

    48:45 Ryujun softly whispering "hwaiting" through tears WHAT A SOFT BABYE OMg

  64. SonicAwareness

    SonicAwarenessAylar önce

    27:22 This TRhttp upload of the episode complete cuts out *Girls' Generation - "Party"* which featured ITZY vibing to the song and a great Chaeryeong dance!

  65. SonicAwareness

    SonicAwarenessAylar önce

    27:14 Lia, the only member fluent in English, asking how to spell "Ryujin" 😵

  66. SonicAwareness

    SonicAwarenessAylar önce

    21:53 Yuna's money fingers

  67. SonicAwareness

    SonicAwarenessAylar önce

    21:35 _MONEY, MONEY, MONEY_

  68. SonicAwareness

    SonicAwarenessAylar önce

    21:00 make it rain 💸💸💸

  69. SonicAwareness

    SonicAwarenessAylar önce

    21:23 "Yeah, counterfeit money is illegal."

  70. SonicAwareness

    SonicAwarenessAylar önce

    20:20 The actual song played during broadcast was the James Bond theme.

  71. SonicAwareness

    SonicAwarenessAylar önce

    17:20 The actual song played during broadcast was *SHINee - "Sherlock (Clue + Note")*

  72. SonicAwareness

    SonicAwarenessAylar önce

    16:04 "The track "MAFIA in the Morning" on this album, we really worked hard on it, so please let it become a hit!" -Ryujin's birthday wish

  73. SonicAwareness

    SonicAwarenessAylar önce

    14:57 cake close-up 🎂

  74. SonicAwareness

    SonicAwarenessAylar önce

    14:00 freeze frame there is a zombie trying to break into Ryujin's birthday party

  75. SonicAwareness

    SonicAwarenessAylar önce

    13:56 *Suzy - "Winter Child"* is actually played here, with a longer scene of Yeji delivering the cake cut from this TRhttp upload.

  76. SonicAwareness

    SonicAwarenessAylar önce

    9:48 The original broadcast was the lengthy *Sung Si Kyung - "Happy Birthday to You"* in full with a ton of cute closeups of the girls.

  77. SonicAwareness

    SonicAwarenessAylar önce

    3:04 maknae face

  78. SonicAwareness

    SonicAwarenessAylar önce

    2:12 "My command of vocabulary is so on fleek."

  79. Idle Guy

    Idle GuyAylar önce

    20:18 Liaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I also need money and power especially youuuuu!!! 🥺🥺🥺❤❤❤😍😍😍💘💘💘 OHMYGAD!!!

  80. SonicAwareness

    SonicAwarenessAylar önce

    1:20 The original broadcast audio was *TURBO - "Happy Birthday to You"*

  81. Victoria Elaine

    Victoria ElaineAylar önce

    Im going to be a teenager in 2 days and having to know Ryujin’s birthday is 10 days before mine makes it even more special. O hope she takes care of herself. Ryujin unnie, fighting!

  82. S A

    S AAylar önce

    have fun being a teenager!!!

  83. Muhammad Rafasya

    Muhammad RafasyaAylar önce

    Siapa yang cita citanya pengen jadi kamera man

  84. Aero Twice

    Aero TwiceAylar önce

    Am i the only one who wants the calendar?😭

  85. Frankly

    FranklyAylar önce

    45:37 cute ryujin voice

  86. Seiki Rikodou

    Seiki RikodouAylar önce

    I know its suppose to be emotional but when Lia/Ryujin's face crunched up at the same time i cracked up XD

  87. A. Kay

    A. KayAylar önce

    Damn, Yuna only 17 years old and already she's so eloquent and articulate. I loved how she reminded her members that, yes, they will bicker and fight. But the most precious moment is time spent together, regardless the good or bad ❤

  88. Joanna King

    Joanna KingAylar önce

    Agree, she is very good with words abd expressing her feelings well 🤍


    MIDZY? MIDZY!Aylar önce

    Ryujin at 8:29 : Ewww... Me: *😌GAY PANIC😌*

  90. Ever yours, Zeze

    Ever yours, ZezeAylar önce

    why am I crying so bad hahahaha ITZY ILYSB 😭❤

  91. ʟᴏᴠᴇ ɴᴀʏᴇᴏɴ

    ʟᴏᴠᴇ ɴᴀʏᴇᴏɴAylar önce

    Porque parecem tão crianças gente 😅💞💞💞

  92. Q Ngo

    Q NgoAylar önce

    LMAO @ intro, what is wrong with these girls. ALL in us! stay strong and hungry young ones, love from the US

  93. Dahye Silva 다혜 실바

    Dahye Silva 다혜 실바Aylar önce

    people are the girls getting too thin they are eating right?

  94. stan blackpink bitches

    stan blackpink bitchesAylar önce

    when lia said: im really shy to admit this but i really like you way more than you think and i always worry about you while i dont expect you to feel the same way about me as i do about you. I do hope you always know i truly feel.🤧 my heart went----- i screamed when i read it, so yah im gonna stop here peps-----

  95. jaeminie

    jaeminieAylar önce


  96. Jay Jay

    Jay JayAylar önce

    I remembered Yeji telling us the story of how she and Ryujin first met 🥺 made me tear up more imagining how much theyve gone through 6 years starting from that first meeting hug 🥺

  97. e 98

    e 98Aylar önce

    I love you ITZY!! Thank you for existing and 앞으로도, 파이팅! Guess Who 파이팅!!

  98. VJ on the move

    VJ on the moveAylar önce

    Sorry for the late comment but i'm happy to become midzy fan because of ITZY and "happy birthday ryujin"🎂🙂

  99. Brick&Tile

    Brick&TileAylar önce

    Im not crying ur crying


    💞QUEEN LOUNGE💞Aylar önce

    I teared up as well

  101. 지니지니

    지니지니Aylar önce

    몰랏는데 이게 영어 자막도 달리네 한시간짜리를 ㄷㄷ 대단

  102. John

    JohnAylar önce

    44:30 waterfalls start

  103. wannieSonshine

    wannieSonshineAylar önce

    such a pure hearted souls

  104. Jennifer Laurencio

    Jennifer LaurencioAylar önce

    50:13 did Lia just confess 😳🥺👉👈

  105. Pizzaroll

    Pizzaroll29 gün önce

    Right?! I don’t understand why that isn’t the talk of the town??? Like somebody pls confirm what that means

  106. Merry Christin

    Merry ChristinAylar önce

    So moved to see this, hear all the messages read for Ryujin Unnie, everyone feels proud and grateful to have the figure of Ryujin Unnie and also ITZY I hope all of you are always happy and well under God's protection😭❤️❤️

  107. Eliana de la cruz jimenez

    Eliana de la cruz jimenezAylar önce

    Those messages made Ryujin cry and then Yeji Chearyoung and the others and it's very cute.

  108. KMA V

    KMA VAylar önce


  109. Janal Russel A. Gonzaga

    Janal Russel A. GonzagaAylar önce

    "Heyyy I'm not crying😣" "You are🥺"

  110. Suria Nabila

    Suria NabilaAylar önce

    I love u all #ot5,please stay happy and stay healthy

  111. MIDZY 4EVER!!!!!!!!

    MIDZY 4EVER!!!!!!!!Aylar önce

    10,000 LIKES KETS GO