Catching Jumbo Sand Fleas #Shorts

Look at how many monster sand fleas I caught in a single scoop using a sand flea rake on the beach in North Carolina #Shorts #Beach
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  1. Psycho Lyfe

    Psycho Lyfe12 dakika önce

    ok cool

  2. MrFunLuvin *

    MrFunLuvin *25 dakika önce

    This one time at band camp.

  3. Jaywilt420 -_-

    Jaywilt420 -_-27 dakika önce

    Ah thanks well I’m never going to the beach again even though it’s fun YOU HAD TO INFORM ME GOD I HATE KNOWLEDGE

  4. Deni Ramdhani

    Deni Ramdhani28 dakika önce

    We eat that, it's pretty good though.

  5. amandaslaw81

    amandaslaw8147 dakika önce

    Omg wtf is that lol ohhhhh hell no man lol screw the beach

  6. Muhammad Yusri

    Muhammad Yusri48 dakika önce

    Yat2 ni boleh mkn ni sedap goreng kunyit

  7. _Quartzy_

    _Quartzy_48 dakika önce

    and there’s another reason i’m never going to the beach

  8. scootercat yt

    scootercat ytSaatler önce


  9. Hairizal Dahrin

    Hairizal DahrinSaatler önce

    They look like bedbugs, but so much bigger in size, with shell body and white-grayish color.

  10. FLYBOY

    FLYBOYSaatler önce

    Spend a couple months at Paris Island you'll find out real quick what sand fleas are LMAO

  11. LikexxAxxBoss04

    LikexxAxxBoss04Saatler önce

    Well I'm never going in the ocean again

  12. wwevideos collector

    wwevideos collectorSaatler önce

    Mole crab?

  13. Jaycee R

    Jaycee RSaatler önce

    I was standing on the beach once and when the waves receded, all of a sudden I felt dozens of tiny legs tickling the bottoms of my feet. Worst. Feeling. Ever. I hate these things lol.

  14. Joacoffs

    JoacoffsSaatler önce

    Here in Peru they are called "mui muis" some people eat them in omellets, they don't really bite or hurt you, they are like cockroaches but way less gross. We also use them as bait for fishing.

  15. Jhosefe Santos

    Jhosefe SantosSaatler önce

    Isso aqui no Brasil é conhecido como tatuíra e muito Usado como isca de peixe 🐟 e também feito ao alho e óleo fica um bom acompanhamento com gosto semelhante ao do camarão 🍤

  16. NovaStar Gaming

    NovaStar Gaming2 saatler önce

    Sand fleas? *Parris island flashbacks intensifies*


    CANNAHEALTH2 saatler önce


  18. Thor Steiner

    Thor Steiner2 saatler önce

    That’s disgusting

  19. Raafee Khan

    Raafee Khan2 saatler önce

    You look like a fishing version of stradman

  20. Johanna Karlsson

    Johanna Karlsson3 saatler önce


  21. Gera R

    Gera R3 saatler önce

    Thank you

  22. Gera R

    Gera R3 saatler önce

    How cute. Sand fleas 🤩🤩🤩

  23. Zac Anderson

    Zac Anderson3 saatler önce

    That’s not a lot black tip, that’s actually quite average and they’re not jumbo either

  24. Z. MaGoot

    Z. MaGoot3 saatler önce

    My dude bought some new teeth and can’t talk

  25. Peter Wallace

    Peter Wallace3 saatler önce

    If you pour beer on them they get drunk and can't walk.

  26. Moh Rafli

    Moh Rafli3 saatler önce

    Finally i not find chinese fishing video anymore

  27. David L Arredondo

    David L Arredondo3 saatler önce

    We don't call them fleas on the East coast. If you really think about it lobsters are the cockroaches of the sea and y'all spend so much money on them in a restaurant.

  28. acidexpierence

    acidexpierence3 saatler önce

    We call them sand crabs in NJ :O

  29. Paladin Videos

    Paladin Videos3 saatler önce

    When nature things normal fleas arent enough

  30. Shannon Williams

    Shannon Williams4 saatler önce

    You look like what you eat.

  31. ОКА ОКА

    ОКА ОКА4 saatler önce

    Осыншама жаска кеп уятай осы шетелдыктер биртурли кызык дардай еркектин исима осы!!!

  32. Gamer rusuh7

    Gamer rusuh74 saatler önce


  33. gerald blake

    gerald blake4 saatler önce

    why do people catch these?

  34. S po

    S po4 saatler önce

    Quick question . Exactly what do you do with them now ?

  35. Andres Velasquez

    Andres Velasquez4 saatler önce


  36. Munna K

    Munna K4 saatler önce

    But why?

  37. Noneya Business

    Noneya Business4 saatler önce

    Why would you want to capture these?

  38. Denilson Maciel - DM Fishing

    Denilson Maciel - DM Fishing4 saatler önce

    Tô top

  39. Vinicius Coelho

    Vinicius Coelho4 saatler önce


  40. kobomotube

    kobomotube4 saatler önce

    🦀"Why is this done?"

  41. Demon Dog

    Demon Dog5 saatler önce


  42. Arip Lagend

    Arip Lagend5 saatler önce

    That's delicious you know. We eat fleas for snacks.

  43. J Otterson

    J Otterson5 saatler önce

    People eat the nastiest stuff

  44. the Samy

    the Samy5 saatler önce

    Can they be eaten?

  45. James M

    James M5 saatler önce

    You ever been to Parris Island? Plenty of sand fears there.

  46. Da Farrow

    Da Farrow5 saatler önce

    Never thought I'd love a video this much

  47. Levi Cox

    Levi Cox6 saatler önce

    I am about to throw up

  48. Adriel De Moura Fernandes

    Adriel De Moura Fernandes6 saatler önce

    Filhos de Bolsonaro...kkkk

  49. Octane

    Octane6 saatler önce

    So that's what those things are.

  50. ReShaud Hill

    ReShaud Hill6 saatler önce

    I used to catch those all the time but I never knew what they were called. Now I fo

  51. Ethereal

    Ethereal6 saatler önce

    Why though?

  52. Jewish Walrus

    Jewish Walrus6 saatler önce

    So people eat these

  53. Waylon Wilson

    Waylon Wilson6 saatler önce

    All of a sudden I'm starving for sand flea chowder.

  54. AxZxTxExCxA

    AxZxTxExCxA6 saatler önce

    Someone said those taste like shrimp...

  55. galapagoensis

    galapagoensis6 saatler önce

    Those things with some cumin, mashed garlic and a tiny bit of mustard are the bomb when you pan fry them...

  56. Luis Martinez

    Luis Martinez6 saatler önce

    (Screams in desert 🏜)

  57. LD Adams

    LD Adams7 saatler önce

    Wtf is he gonna do with those? He seems pretty excited 😜

  58. Michal Grega

    Michal Grega7 saatler önce


  59. Jo

    Jo7 saatler önce

    I dont care if they dont bite or pinch, if i feel something/s brush on my leg while im in the water im dying right then and there. Let the ocean take my body

  60. birchthebirch

    birchthebirch7 saatler önce

    Why do people talk like this I old now?

  61. fh hu

    fh hu7 saatler önce

    I hate people who don't have any respect for nature

  62. Invalid_ Maestro

    Invalid_ Maestro8 saatler önce


  63. arcticcatkickass

    arcticcatkickass8 saatler önce

    Noooo thats effed

  64. Vids2Go

    Vids2Go8 saatler önce

    What beach is that? So I can avoid it.

  65. Andy Johnson

    Andy Johnson8 saatler önce

    Do people eat those, why else would they make a sand flea rake?

  66. El IgneousCrUS

    El IgneousCrUS8 saatler önce

    Bro you got fleas

  67. Amy Nicolas

    Amy Nicolas8 saatler önce

    That guy seems proud of all the fleas he has.

  68. RazielBorn

    RazielBorn8 saatler önce

    Beaches are filthy and polluted now. ⛔

  69. rikki15000

    rikki150008 saatler önce

    People actually eat these 🤢

  70. Антон Кривошеев

    Антон Кривошеев8 saatler önce

    What do you get from this small ones?

  71. Zer0 C00l

    Zer0 C00l9 saatler önce


  72. Comrade Dyatlov

    Comrade Dyatlov9 saatler önce

    Thanks I hate oceans now

  73. Casey Barclay

    Casey Barclay9 saatler önce

    I just started itching while watching this video. Weird.

  74. Wyld Rhino

    Wyld Rhino9 saatler önce

    They are called sand "crabs"

  75. ShadowBandit39

    ShadowBandit3910 saatler önce

    So why catch u eat them?

  76. Wisastra Gaming

    Wisastra Gaming10 saatler önce

    It taste like shrimp

  77. Hunter Goertz

    Hunter Goertz10 saatler önce

    So are they better fried or grilled?

  78. Yano

    Yano10 saatler önce


  79. Tim Green

    Tim Green10 saatler önce

    Disgusting. Absolutely revolting. Yes, I've tasted, ONCE.

  80. Иван Неизвестный

    Иван Неизвестный10 saatler önce

    What is it? Americans tell me please

  81. mfsn

    mfsn10 saatler önce

    In Brazil wee call them "tatuiras"

  82. Tommy Sanders

    Tommy Sanders10 saatler önce

    Me: sand fleas, yah lol he ain't gonna catch sh.. HOLLY MOTHER OF GOD!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES THERE ARE MUTANT FLEAS ON THE BEACH!!!!!!!!

  83. Brian Harrington

    Brian Harrington10 saatler önce

    I see these things at topsail every year and they terrify me

  84. DeerFemboy

    DeerFemboy11 saatler önce

    So do you eat them or just catch them for fun? Someone explain pls.

  85. Reinaldo Souza reis

    Reinaldo Souza reis11 saatler önce

    Isso aí que é Tatuí

  86. DaBrute

    DaBrute11 saatler önce

    You know a guy is legit when his crocs are in 4x4 mode

  87. Yolosolo Northwest

    Yolosolo Northwest11 saatler önce

    I thought they were baby crab?

  88. No One

    No One12 saatler önce

    Those creatures will tell a story about how day escaped from alien abduction.

  89. Ayan702

    Ayan70212 saatler önce

    This makes a good commercial for Six Flags! Hurray!

  90. Ereg Ereg

    Ereg Ereg12 saatler önce

    What's that ?


    BLACKLITE WOLF12 saatler önce

    It would be helpful to use that rake to clean up the trash around the ocean instead of messing with sand crabs*

  92. Mr Mellow Crafty

    Mr Mellow Crafty13 saatler önce

    I want to see you fry them bad boys up!!

  93. Aizek show

    Aizek show13 saatler önce

    Этот чел видимо в этом году открывает охоту на крабиков

  94. Maga Garage

    Maga Garage13 saatler önce


  95. koon chai

    koon chai13 saatler önce

    It's very tasty. Make it with salted butter with red pepper crunch with Beer it?'s surely Heaven. ❤❤ in my village we called it Chukong.

  96. Fishing across America

    Fishing across America13 saatler önce

    I always use my hands and catch a shitload in about ankle deep water. 5 minutes of grabbing is good for all day of surf perch fishin

  97. Lavish Lemons

    Lavish Lemons13 saatler önce

    And this is why I won't swim in the ocean

  98. Miss Majere

    Miss Majere13 saatler önce

    I miss catching these up on Long Island. Childhood memories we used to be able to dog through the sand and pull up 2-3 at a time

  99. Eduardo Ota

    Eduardo Ota13 saatler önce

    Hermit crabs 🐚