Dream SMP - The Complete Story: Imprisoned


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    Subscribe and like if you enjoyed!! This took 150+ hours to make so it would really mean a lot Edit: Next video will focus exclusively on the Egg story!!

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    love vids

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    I did that already

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    When will is come out?

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    150+ hrs???

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    This song reminds me of a epic song

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    Pov,dream os palpatine and sam is anakin

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    Please do a part seven

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    Dream is a straight-up sociopath.

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    beginning song?

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    This is the Shakespeare of our time.

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    please make a new episode

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    Me srsly watching a fictional Minecraft nation rather than learning about my country

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    Tommy stared at Dream in his eyes His eyes: *(NOTHING)*

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    Evan: the prison truly was inescapable Mythrodak: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT!

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    How the hell did dream get put in prison ON HIS OWN SERVER

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    Part 7 pls

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    I like it

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    23:52 Isn’t Mexican dream also dead at this point in the story... where is he?

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    op bro

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    *this mans tells a good story*

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    if i was the guy in prison and never gonna be let out then id say ight ima just leave nothing to do see you guys in the next vid

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    Whats the intro song

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    Part 7? Please

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    Poor Dream he will probably never invite anyone to his servers agian

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    when i tell u not even anime has such a good story

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    34:24 mans sounds like mythrodak

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    I haven’t watched any of the dream amp so I didn’t know they had lives

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    If ghostbur doesn't come back imma through my phone.

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    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE is the only thing that I can get to you for a few days and then we can go to get the kids and then go to the house and get the knife and go to get the kids then kill them then go to the bathroom and clean our Hans

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    Wait, did jshlatt only die twice? That's including the accidental death during tubbos execution!

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    I think we can all agree that Tommy I one of the stupidest members in the smp

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    Somehow, throughout the entire series, it hasn’t been mentioned that Tubbo and ranboo are canonically married.

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    Pandora’s vault is escape able, u can use the thing that flammable, and try to make the fire go to the bigger area, and make a nether portal. Edit: I just realized that the nether portal thing. But Pandora’s vault is very easy to escape

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    Did anyone else notice the telltale style intro there? Wow. That's good.

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    Hey bro can you give the intro song link?

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    Kinda cringe but i like it:)

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    I feel sad cause he is my favourite youtuber 😭

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    This guy is a legend

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    Why dream don't just ban all people

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    Dream is a goid guy why is he bad here

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    This so sad

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    Hype for part 7

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    dream smp is basically an anime but in minecraft




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    I started balling my eyes out Ghostbur was so scared… 39:30

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    tbh sam is the same a dream, just wanting power. also sam could litterally have just let them in, not as if drema can leave if hes fucking dead-

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    eyes : l’manberg brain : l*n men bớt :))

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    One tip enderpearl

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    we want part 7 plz plz plz part 7 plz plz plz

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    Isnt it dreams smp so cant he just ban

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    This is actually making me cry

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    “Lie..?” Yes, be true to the truth, Ghostbur

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    The next episode should be called las nevadas

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    Wow... Just WOW!

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    22:28 through 24:10 Basically Going Through Stranger Things Upsidedown world and back

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    I love Dream why you don't have

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    Ey yo man can we get the link of Dat credits music

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    "Promise me you wont bring back wilbur" Im🙄bringing😏back🧨wilbur😌

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    I'm french and I don't know how i've came here but I'm just shocked how you tell you're stories and now I can't do anything else than subscribe. GG ! You're awesome continue like this !

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    And to think this started all over TWO F**KING DISCS!!!!

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    when dream keep pressing shift the sticky keys comes out

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    After watching , mythrodak who escaped pandora vault easily will think "too easy "!!!

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    evanmcgaming: the prison is impossible to escape without dying mythrodak: .....

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    He litteraly have op commands lmao

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    Wow is it fast me or am I kinda sad about Dream... all alone in his own server no George Sam Bad techno blade Sapnap and Tommy

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    I was sad at first too But this is scripted don't worry he will eventually escape also If you see the story form dreams perspective he had done right Tommy was the main reason of chaos. He started chaos like l'manburg which he left but joined again it. L'manburg took land from dream that's why I think dream is right If he had done all of what he planned The server would have been peacefull

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    Dream: tommy give me my clock Subtles: tommy give me my (bad word)

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    waiting for part 7 because omfg these are amazing

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    When you know all the lore already, but you watch anyway bc you wanna support a creator who deserves it

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    Imagine dream watching this and be like, ‘is he stalking me or something’?”

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    Hearing Ghostbur plead for help was too real man. Wilbur’s great at acting

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    So dream SMP have a story arc or its just the game

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    if the dream smp will end once this will come on tv to teach the children about our youth :)

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    Perfect I can't any other word this is a masterpiece I finally understand dream SMP lore thanks I feel like I was living under a rock but thanks to u I am not

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    Also why is this what’s wrong why is bad boy halo’s name bad boy halo if he’s not bad. Like you out

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    I want to book a dream seriously I want to book at Truman Hotel is in JMS and P nails see Tommy SAP take the L dream is to break you out

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    Dream is really the bad guy 🤔

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    The power he held /op

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    Just think about how the entire story would have changed if tommy had a pearl and set up ender pearl chambers

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    This would be such a good movie

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    They really aren’t going to break the fourth wall here

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    30:35 bottom right corner = funny

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    Sam seeing Tommy alive after 2 days Sam" eats cookies "

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    Dream was actually Not that bad Tommyinnit started the conflict if he did not do that it would be more buildings and such he tried to stop conflict but tommy would not let him first

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    When will the next part come i wanna know wilbur plans