Lovejoy - Are You Alright? (Full EP)


  1. Lovejoy

    Lovejoy2 aylar önce

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  4. •phsyc0•

    •phsyc0•2 gün önce

    @Gene Lorenz Sarmiento BBC’s

  5. Ella Salisbury

    Ella Salisbury2 gün önce


  6. m4rbur

    m4rbur3 gün önce

    Its been 2 months holy shit

  7. Rem Jensen

    Rem JensenSaatler önce

    How did I just notice the Minecraft Steve eater egg in the top left during cause for concern I've listened to this so many times

  8. Nataliee .-.

    Nataliee .-.Saatler önce

    It’s so good I hope to see people enjoy this 10 years from now almost like Nirvana:)

  9. qqruzkin

    qqruzkin2 saatler önce

    Dqy 76 of listening to this masterpiece for a whole year!

  10. Lozy gamer

    Lozy gamer3 saatler önce

    We will never know why they killed his cat

  11. jxde the ravenclaw

    jxde the ravenclaw8 saatler önce

    my favorite part was when the video started playing!

  12. TheSilent Kid

    TheSilent Kid8 saatler önce

    12:04 wtf steve

  13. Nonexistent

    Nonexistent10 saatler önce

    Why is nobody talking about the Steve that just mined out the corner

  14. qqruzkin

    qqruzkin2 saatler önce

    Everybody talks about this.

  15. CreativelyJake

    CreativelyJake12 saatler önce

    just realized the first line is literally "shes always asking *am i alright*" hence "are you alright?"

  16. Blazing Obsidian Official

    Blazing Obsidian Official13 saatler önce

    One Day, Taunt and Sex Sells are such bangers 🔥

  17. uhstel

    uhstel14 saatler önce


  18. gage

    gage14 saatler önce


  19. Myia Artz

    Myia Artz18 saatler önce

    it was today that i noticed steve at 11:52

  20. Jasmine S.

    Jasmine S.19 saatler önce

    Im too stupid that i thought the cat was a mouse on the cover

  21. AnonymousPerson

    AnonymousPerson19 saatler önce

    To anyone 10 years in the future, the lead singer: - Blew up a nation - Did a thing with a salmon and had a furry son - Had a blue sheep when he died Also his mother is a Samsung Smart Fridge

  22. Olaf GO

    Olaf GO20 saatler önce

    Sex sells almost instantly became one of my all time favorite songs The rythm and lyrics are just soooo good

  23. qqruzkin

    qqruzkin20 saatler önce

    Day 75 of listening to this masterpiece for a whole year!

  24. Wackadoodoo62

    Wackadoodoo6220 saatler önce

    Lmao why is no one talking about Steve at 11:45

  25. Blue Cross

    Blue Cross21 saatler önce

    😑I don't pay attention but it kinda sounds like Wilbert¿

  26. Blue Cross

    Blue Cross21 saatler önce

    Nvm it is😐

  27. хендер шльондерс

    хендер шльондерс23 saatler önce

    I was there

  28. Ring Dingo

    Ring Dingo23 saatler önce

    is nobody going to mention mincraft Steve at the end?

  29. Unsold Kevin

    Unsold KevinGün önce


  30. Unsold Kevin

    Unsold KevinGün önce


  31. Unsold Kevin

    Unsold KevinGün önce


  32. Wonder_Killer

    Wonder_Killer Gün önce

    This plays in my head while I’m sleeping, that’s how powerful their music is! This gives me SUCH an awesome vibe

  33. Sappf

    SappfGün önce

    i love how steve just mined in and fixed the hole that he made lol

  34. Ariann

    AriannGün önce

    "a capricorn oh fuck that" damn ok

  35. giorgis

    giorgisGün önce

    poggers aproved

  36. Veales

    VealesGün önce

    this ep is a future classic, mark my words.

  37. LauraMayClips

    LauraMayClips2 gün önce

    minecraft man had to break the record picture , he was just trying to mine a tunnel

  38. LauraMayClips

    LauraMayClips2 gün önce


  39. qqruzkin

    qqruzkin2 gün önce

    Day 74 of listening to this masterpiece for a whole year!

  40. •phsyc0•

    •phsyc0•2 gün önce


  41. Stup1d B1tch.11

    Stup1d B1tch.112 gün önce


  42. Gg Gg

    Gg Gg2 gün önce

    the drums for one day is my favorite 💜

  43. Boffalieyy

    Boffalieyy2 gün önce


  44. SomeoneHad LeftTheChat

    SomeoneHad LeftTheChat2 gün önce


  45. the glasses girl

    the glasses girl2 gün önce

    I love all of your songs

  46. ElisabethKateRivas

    ElisabethKateRivas2 gün önce

    I was here, we were all here at the beginning. (Hello people from the future, we had a good time listening to this, I wonder to what are you listening now)

  47. El Gato Negro

    El Gato Negro2 gün önce

    11:41 This album is 2 months old and I've never noticed Steve coming from the top corner 0.0

  48. BryteBlade

    BryteBlade2 gün önce

    Taunt sounds like an outro song for an anime

  49. Tamzin?

    Tamzin?2 gün önce

    Forget being an og remember how much of a BANGER these songs are

  50. SpaceBuggie

    SpaceBuggie2 gün önce

    Minecraft Steve

  51. _KarmaticStudios_

    _KarmaticStudios_2 gün önce

    I- I'm an og too

  52. Emeli Madsen

    Emeli Madsen2 gün önce

    Their music kinda reminds me of Two Door Cinema Club.

  53. Gg Gg

    Gg Gg3 gün önce

    i love this 😭

  54. qqruzkin

    qqruzkin3 gün önce

    Day 73 of listening to this masterpiece for a whole year.

  55. Sam Gold

    Sam Gold3 gün önce


  56. rxinbowxcxoxlds

    rxinbowxcxoxlds3 gün önce

    geez this sucks

  57. Ashleigh

    Ashleigh3 gün önce

    I'm coming back next year.

  58. Anti_Ha10

    Anti_Ha103 gün önce

    Why is this album such a banger ✋

  59. DumbLemon :D

    DumbLemon :D3 gün önce

    Ok I know this is my second comment but HOW HAS NOBODY NOTICED THE MINECRAFT STEVE THAT BREAKS THROUGH THE TOP LEFT CORNER OF THE ALBUM! 11:45 if u don’t belive me

  60. Jiheisho

    Jiheisho3 gün önce

    still the best album ever :)

  61. Tiny Child

    Tiny Child3 gün önce

    me and my dad were listening to this in the car and he had to ask me if it really said “why’d you have to kill my cat” but at least he likes the band

  62. Sarmad Al Salami

    Sarmad Al Salami3 gün önce

    So you're telling me this is wilbur?

  63. simp

    simp3 gün önce

    Corpse : "she say I kill her cat" Wilbur : "cuz why'd you have to kill my cat?" Case solved, Corpse killed Wilbur's cat. Their singing abt each other.

  64. Jwackyj

    Jwackyj3 gün önce

    Low key in my opinion the most talented TRhttpr turner singer/musician next to KSI

  65. Drawing Nic

    Drawing Nic3 gün önce

    11:46 is that steve-

  66. CheesyBiscuits

    CheesyBiscuits3 gün önce


  67. RandomCrap

    RandomCrap3 gün önce

    What is it with Wilbur and the word WHOO

  68. Paigeee Heathxxx

    Paigeee Heathxxx3 gün önce

    OG ganggg

  69. Ghoztly

    Ghoztly3 gün önce

    11:46 your welcome

  70. Lucila Espina

    Lucila Espina4 gün önce


  71. qqruzkin

    qqruzkin4 gün önce

    Day 72 of listening to this masterpiece for a whole year!

  72. snail_ smoothie

    snail_ smoothie4 gün önce

    Good luck on keeping it up lmao

  73. Rajeswari Anand

    Rajeswari Anand4 gün önce

    11:46 scared me ngl (the steve)

  74. Switch'er

    Switch'er4 gün önce


  75. Vxntrilly

    Vxntrilly4 gün önce

    This was released on my birthday🤩

  76. KE1K0

    KE1K04 gün önce

    This is my therapy.

  77. Vilecypher

    Vilecypher4 gün önce

    Sex sells sounds taylor swifty

  78. Sanu [lmao its me arious]

    Sanu [lmao its me arious]4 gün önce

    Steve: makes hole. Also Steve: we just gonna fix dis-

  79. Zane Schmidt

    Zane Schmidt4 gün önce

    sex sells is very pog

  80. KD

    KD4 gün önce

    someone tell me why i kept reading and hearing "sex shells" instead of "sex sells"...

  81. webbethy

    webbethy4 gün önce

    These (in my opinion) are the best songs from 2021

  82. Notme

    Notme4 gün önce

    i showed my sister all lovejoy songs in return she showed me like 12 one direction songs personally im not a fan of 1D but man was it worth it she heard them

  83. Reese

    Reese4 gün önce

    i forgot this is like that one band w/ wilbur, i've only listened to a few but i love them

  84. HAHAHA

    HAHAHA4 gün önce


  85. narinder singh

    narinder singh4 gün önce

    i was like "mmmm lovejoy" as a joke, but bro i dont think its a joke anymore. :[

  86. Poggers username :]

    Poggers username :]4 gün önce

    Talent is in them my little sister told me to say that

  87. ender world

    ender world4 gün önce

    This came out on my b day

  88. Bettle_Boy

    Bettle_Boy4 gün önce

    idk ive seen people commenting their og so im og yeah anymway

  89. Nightmare

    Nightmare4 gün önce

    Still listening to this album. It's so good ;]

  90. Laiba K

    Laiba K4 gün önce

    UHM plz tell me I’m not going insane? did anyone else’s see minecraft Steven during Cause for Concern (11:56) on screen???

  91. doot doot

    doot doot4 gün önce

    ah yes. my favorite game character, *Minecraft Steven*

  92. DedTron

    DedTron4 gün önce


  93. Rambee Rejected

    Rambee Rejected4 gün önce

    [] ☆^:. Timestamps .:^☆ [] ×》 TAUNT 0:03 ×》 ONE DAY 2:19 ×》 SEX SELLS 4:46 ×》 CAUSE FOR CONCERN 8:55 (this is my first time doing this so please let me know about any mistakes!)

  94. qqruzkin

    qqruzkin4 gün önce

    Day 71 of listening to this masterpiece for a whole year!

  95. Mars Boudreau

    Mars Boudreau4 gün önce

    Hello people of the future, I was here

  96. Dani

    Dani4 gün önce

    i was here when it first came out was too lazy to comment

  97. Charlotte Only

    Charlotte Only4 gün önce


  98. Gg Gg

    Gg Gg4 gün önce

    please don't kiss the teeth into my head ;-;

  99. Gg Gg

    Gg Gg4 gün önce

    idk whether i'm an og or not but oh well here i am hehe

  100. Yazure

    Yazure5 gün önce

    Man I love listening to Lovejoy. Their songs really slap

  101. Tsarkos __

    Tsarkos __5 gün önce

    if you look at the last video that they posted GOGY or from the time im at right 7/22/21

  102. Tamires Goncalves Da Silva

    Tamires Goncalves Da Silva5 gün önce

    eu gosto muito da mosica

  103. Godlyhax

    Godlyhax5 gün önce

    Had no idea who lovejoy was. Kept getting thrown into a loop cuz I was hearing wilbur

  104. Lauren Sandoval

    Lauren Sandoval3 gün önce

    Wilbur is the lead singer for Lovejoy

  105. BillBo Baggins Minecraft

    BillBo Baggins Minecraft5 gün önce

    OH IM AN Og, SUck It Green BoYs, I WAS HEre BEFore YoU.

  106. Nightmare Bagel

    Nightmare Bagel5 gün önce

    its been more than two months what

  107. Toblerone Tobster

    Toblerone Tobster5 gün önce

    Claiming my OG ticket

  108. themusicl

    themusicl5 gün önce

    What music distributor do they use?

  109. foot loop

    foot loop5 gün önce

    Coping with this album ✌🏼

  110. Memento Mori

    Memento Mori5 gün önce

    Ohhhhh, I love a good brass section ✨✨✨

  111. Alexssia Macalpin

    Alexssia Macalpin5 gün önce

    When I’m old I’m never letting go on how I was an old fan of lovejoy