Roman Reigns vs. Rey Mysterio - Universal Title Hell in a Cell Match: SmackDown, June 18, 2021


  1. Carlos Carranza

    Carlos Carranza19 saatler önce

    This was magic free on live TV

  2. Lets play Fnaf !

    Lets play Fnaf !Gün önce

    Let's be honest: 50% of people wanted to see this fight.

  3. Ka shtonas

    Ka shtonas2 gün önce

    thats dirty fight. roman rocks awesome


    AFKAN SULEYMANOV3 gün önce

    Roman reigs my favori

  5. EitanChami

    EitanChami5 gün önce

    It was my dream match. Good match but disappointing

  6. Mace Windu

    Mace Windu5 gün önce

    Rey will forever be my favorite wrestler, fastest and best looking underdog in WWE

  7. Ryan

    Ryan7 gün önce

    dude are they acting or are they really in that much pain

  8. Murman Animations

    Murman Animations7 gün önce

    why they always cut frames when they hit with weapons in head

  9. Melissa Vallejos

    Melissa Vallejos9 gün önce


  10. khan rangi Paniora

    khan rangi Paniora10 gün önce

    Roman has already been in it alol

  11. Maik van Rijen

    Maik van Rijen11 gün önce

    "I told you so"is the new text off Roman 😂🤣😂

  12. ItzManny YT

    ItzManny YT12 gün önce

    Already best Singles match in 2021

  13. Kenyatta Tucker

    Kenyatta Tucker13 gün önce

    That chair never works on roman Naked

  14. Prachand Khatri

    Prachand Khatri13 gün önce

    Super player

  15. HackPlay

    HackPlay13 gün önce

    Rey is old😔😟

  16. Miss Money Mensah

    Miss Money Mensah14 gün önce

    Roman just pinned it right there ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Daniel Hawala

    Daniel Hawala15 gün önce

    Thanks for all wrestling match Roman Reign

  18. Ethan Reynolds

    Ethan Reynolds17 gün önce


  19. MLG Micah

    MLG Micah18 gün önce

    When the full match release? It's gonna be worth the wait.

  20. Jordyn Stief

    Jordyn Stief20 gün önce

    A while later into the Triple Threat Hell In A Cell match for the SmackDown Universal Championship at Hell In A Cell 2021 between Rey Mysterio, the current SmackDown Universal Champion, the One Winged Angel, Prince Sephiroth and his adoptive Father, the King of the Ring, the Lone Wolf, Baron Corbin... Michael Cole: We're back here at Hell In A Cell with the Triple Threat Hell In A Cell match for the SmackDown Universal Championship. There you see, the current SmackDown Universal Champion and one half of the current Raw Tag Team Champions, the One Winged Angel, Prince Sephiroth maintaining control of the match and bringing the fight to his challengers. Pat McAfee: Yeah. The One Winged Angel has not allowed either man to gain momentum and make a move. And this is what makes a champion of the One Winged Angel's caliber so effective and dangerous. Michael: Pat, you can't help but wonder if the Father/Son connection between the SmackDown Universal Champion, the One Winged Angel and the King of the Ring might come into play in this match. Pat: I think Sephiroth and King Corbin realize that they can just focus on Rey Mysterio first and then beat the other up. Prince Sephiroth: (to his adoptive Father, the King of the Ring, the Lone Wolf, Baron Corbin.) Wait a minute. Father, I think I just realized something. Let's just focus on Rey Mysterio first and then beat each other up. King Baron Corbin: (to his adopted son, the current SmackDown Universal Champion, the One Winged Angel wearing the Lone Wolf amulet pendant around his neck, the full body armor set based off of the Bane of Light Spirit, Dharkon, complete with the altered cape, crown and scepter and the ring she proposed to him with on the SmackDown Live after SummerSlam almost 4 years ago around his finger.) That's not a bad idea. Let's take care of our common enemy first. Afterwards, may our combat please your Mother. Sephiroth: Alright. I think I'm open to that. Baron: Just remember what we talked about before this match. Sephiroth: Go all out, show you how powerful I've become and don't hold anything back. Baron: And you can expect me to do the same. Sephiroth: Okay. Thanks for warning me in advance. *beat down noises are heard in the background* Sephiroth: (prepares to hit his finisher.) Pat: Oh, I think the One Winged Angel's done playing. Michael: Prince Sephiroth with a double One Winged Angel. Sephiroth: (hits them both with the One Winged Angel and covers them for the pin fall.) Referee: *counts the pin fall* (motions for the bell.) Ring the bell. *bell rings, signaling the match's end, Advent - One Winged Angel entrance theme plays in the background* Michael: And Prince Sephiroth retains over a very game Rey Mysterio and King Corbin. Greg Hamilton: Here's your winner and still SmackDown Universal Champion, the One Winged Angel, Prince Sephiroth. Referee: (awards the One Winged Angel the SmackDown Universal Championship and the Raw Tag Team Championship and raises his hand in victory.) Sephiroth: (takes the SmackDown Universal and Raw Tag Team Championships from the referee, puts his armored coat back on and turns toward his wounded adoptive Father, obviously growing very concerned.) Father, you're not hurt, are you? Michael: And now, Prince Sephiroth going over to check on his adoptive Father and help him back to his feet. Sephiroth: (runs over to check on him, lends him his hand, watching as the Lone Wolf takes it, helps his adoptive Father back to his feet and lends him his hand to shake.) Baron: (shakes the hand of his adopted son.) You were the better man tonight. *pats his adopted son on the shoulder* Good job. Sephiroth: It could've gone either way, Father. It was anyone's game. You've got nothing to be ashamed of. Baron: That's true.

  21. ķıňģ Jąý

    ķıňģ Jąý20 gün önce

    I hate rey masterio he is a punk

  22. Edson Gomes

    Edson Gomes21 gün önce

    Muito diferente de antes

  23. บิ้กไบค์ แสบ

    บิ้กไบค์ แสบ21 gün önce

    เลย์เล่นแรงก่อนนะ สุดท้ายเลย์ตายๆสมน้ำหน้า เอาเปรียบคู่ต่อสู้

  24. MaZeN MaGDy

    MaZeN MaGDy22 gün önce

    Acknowledge me ! 😂


    MR_GREEN YT22 gün önce

    Roman reigns champions ❤💪

  26. ? 𝓱𝓲 𝓲 𝓸𝓵𝓴𝓲 𝚑𝚒

    ? 𝓱𝓲 𝓲 𝓸𝓵𝓴𝓲 𝚑𝚒23 gün önce

    That was so sad 😭😢

  27. Roman Reigns

    Roman Reigns23 gün önce

    But Rey wanted that Match with Me, I told him that it wasn't a Good Idea for Him 😈

  28. nanook5875

    nanook587524 gün önce

    Wrestling is so phony! Like that old man really had a chance...

  29. محمد اليافعي

    محمد اليافعي24 gün önce

    اجرانج يو

  30. Alessio Ranieri

    Alessio Ranieri25 gün önce

    Roman change submission move??

  31. Zain the goat

    Zain the goat26 gün önce

    Fun fact that choke he did he stold it from edge from his old summion

  32. Erkhes Enkhbat

    Erkhes Enkhbat26 gün önce

    I hate rey mysterio

  33. Princess Adesuwa

    Princess Adesuwa26 gün önce

    Honestly with how skilled of a man roman is I wonder who will be able to dethrone him. The only worthy opponents now are edge and seth rollins

  34. Roman Reigns

    Roman Reigns26 gün önce

    Acknowledge Me Rey 🙏🏼💙💙💙

  35. Ethan Reynolds

    Ethan Reynolds26 gün önce


  36. hüso baba

    hüso baba27 gün önce

    Reyyyyy mistıryooo

  37. Angela R. Green Art

    Angela R. Green Art27 gün önce

    Roman beat Rey like he owed him money. You don't send a Yorkie out to deal with a Rottweiler!!!

  38. joomong simdang

    joomong simdang28 gün önce

    When is rey going to win wwe?

  39. Ethan Reynolds

    Ethan Reynolds28 gün önce


  40. luca19

    luca1929 gün önce

    havent watched WWE in a while but as i see it's always Reigns winning😂😂

  41. Roman Reigns

    Roman Reigns26 gün önce

    Because I'm the Best 🔥

  42. Gale

    Gale29 gün önce

    You guys think domnik gonna Carrie on rey legacy

  43. เด็กติดเกมส์

    เด็กติดเกมส์29 gün önce


  44. Solitary

    Solitary29 gün önce

    They needed a live audience for this

  45. Joel Polnareff

    Joel Polnareff29 gün önce

    0:43 Lagswitch. Rey Mysterio's connection trash

  46. Drew Russell

    Drew RussellAylar önce

    Rey Mysterio really should get 1 more main title run. The guy is still one of the greatest of all time and making heels look dominant while keeping himself top tier.

  47. Jay Ramsay

    Jay RamsayAylar önce

    I like Roman, but he’s too over. It’s getting extremely boring seeing him win.


    STARMANAylar önce

    What nonsense ! ! ! ! How on earth is Roman Reigns vs Grey Mysterio worth watching ? ? ? ? If Grey Mysterio as much as held his own, you would know it was fixed. SO we got the beat down any realistic fan would expect and a result everyone knew. That's not main event stuff. When does Big E get a shot ? ? ? ? THAT would be a real main event !

  49. Barb Provo

    Barb ProvoAylar önce

    When I saw rey get tortured I almost cried and they lost

  50. Deana Perkins

    Deana PerkinsAylar önce

    Beast Hell in a cell match

  51. Krystal Richardson

    Krystal RichardsonAylar önce

    Roman reigns is the baddest fool on this earth 😄.

  52. London James

    London JamesAylar önce

    I don't like how you guys turned Roman in to a bad guy and I liked Roman's old theme song

  53. The Chainsaw

    The ChainsawAylar önce

    This would be a bigger deal if it was hell in a cell during the ruthless aggression era and not the watered down version

  54. Josiah Adams

    Josiah AdamsAylar önce

    wow that I is a great fight 😎😍❤💖💕

  55. Angel Rodriguez

    Angel RodriguezAylar önce

    Free hell in cell match

  56. Anselmo Huerta

    Anselmo HuertaAylar önce

    Viva México 🇲🇽

  57. Adobe Pro

    Adobe ProAylar önce

    Good match ☺️

  58. Gacha Fluffy

    Gacha FluffyAylar önce

    Paul heyman and roman reigns wow so awesome

  59. Evan Tran

    Evan TranAylar önce

    This happened on my birthday

  60. Alejandro Hdez

    Alejandro HdezAylar önce

    i watch it today in fox sports and im fan of rey and roman but i would like that rey wins xd

  61. Jamar Stuart

    Jamar StuartAylar önce

    I think roman should have a custom belt

  62. Gilberto Esparza Lopez

    Gilberto Esparza LopezAylar önce

    Soycel unico en español

  63. Grizzly Deeds

    Grizzly DeedsAylar önce

    I'm fade up of Roman reigns being the universal champion

  64. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioovAylar önce

    4:07 pero Román más respeto con la leyenda 619

  65. Mark Campbell

    Mark CampbellAylar önce

    Worst thing ive ever seen

  66. Adn O.C

    Adn O.CAylar önce

    Wwe nunca dejara q un latino domine su pinche empresa.

  67. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioovAylar önce

    roman should add the cravate suplex to his arsenal tbh

  68. Liza Zander

    Liza ZanderAylar önce

    Rey with the fire extinguisher though lol 😂 and when he put roman's head through the chair lol 😂

  69. Francesca Sanna

    Francesca SannaAylar önce

    I love Rey Mystirio

  70. Francesca Sanna

    Francesca SannaAylar önce


  71. My life is sad😢

    My life is sad😢Aylar önce

    2:03 acknowledge me : Paul heymen

  72. niddg viiut

    niddg viiutAylar önce

    4:07 pero Román más respeto con la leyenda 619

  73. C.Shahrvin Segar

    C.Shahrvin SegarAylar önce

    Don't challenge ROMAN REIGNS " THE HEAD OF THE TABLE" If do it.... it's = to death....

  74. Marco Antonio

    Marco AntonioAylar önce

    En serio todo es culpa de daniel bryan

  75. Astaria Lole

    Astaria LoleAylar önce

    Farrr man why is Roman Reigns so HOTT!! when he's aggressive

  76. olivel 93

    olivel 93Aylar önce

    2:00 He Will Acknowledge You -Paul Haymen

  77. niddg viiut

    niddg viiutAylar önce

    Smackdown is Roman reigns island The tribal chief samoan bad the head of the WWE universal champion the samoan Superman Roman reigns Empire

  78. Jean J Castro

    Jean J CastroAylar önce

    Is insane is Roman Reigns becoming the new Brock Lesnar

  79. Quechus King

    Quechus KingAylar önce

    I saw it on TV and there were many shorts I would Ubiera seen here I am stupid but the mystery king hair very well and also Román reings greetings from Mexico queretaro

  80. tshepo molefe

    tshepo molefeAylar önce

    Roman won because hes the rocks cousin this was unfair to mysterio they should have made rey the champ wwe has lost it they will never be on that level of the attitude era roman is not champion materia hes just boring no hype whatsoever no charisma

  81. Ricardo Griffiths

    Ricardo GriffithsAylar önce

    3:10 This is for my son, this is for my family , this is for everything you put me through he says with a the chair Pat is the best commentator by far 🤣🤣🤣

  82. Ricardo Griffiths

    Ricardo GriffithsAylar önce

    @Rambling Non-Conformist 🤣🤣true , he is enjoying his career

  83. Rambling Non-Conformist

    Rambling Non-ConformistAylar önce

    My fav thing is when he's up on the announcement desk with the cell phone light(s) on & is dancing away. Hilarious!

  84. Joseph PN JASME

    Joseph PN JASMEAylar önce

    -Don't ever question my decisions.....💥 -I am the head of the table....💥💥 -Happy father's day....💥💥💥. My baddd....🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️, They are both my stars.😟😟😟

  85. saule

    sauleAylar önce

    roman should add the cravate suplex to his arsenal tbh

  86. saule

    sauleAylar önce

    damn, cravate to finish the match

  87. LA Zorbecx

    LA ZorbecxAylar önce

    Never thought I see him turn heel :(

  88. Diogo Vieira

    Diogo VieiraAylar önce


  89. bilishu aliss

    bilishu alissAylar önce

    I just realized that they're going to have Roman break Brocks Universal Title Length record to try and erase him from the history books like they did to CM Punk

  90. Ad Den

    Ad DenAylar önce

    thumbs down all you fans in the back, but Roman is tough as nails!! villain or good guy im still a fan!

  91. ilconte_ 👁️

    ilconte_ 👁️Aylar önce

    Roman sei un vigliacco. Invece di vincere seriamente contro gli avversari li ammazzi di botte per ucciderli.... è questo è inaccettabile spero che qualcuno prenda provvedimenti serie perché non sei regno di stare dentro il ring.

  92. luca

    lucaAylar önce

    Imagine bruce lee in wwe

  93. King Higgins

    King HigginsAylar önce

    Smackdown is Roman reigns island The tribal chief samoan bad the head of the WWE universal champion the samoan Superman Roman reigns Empire

  94. bilishu aliss

    bilishu alissAylar önce

    Ha ha ha ha ha😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  95. luciana Dominguez

    luciana DominguezAylar önce

    Rey❤❤ Argentina

  96. Synn

    SynnAylar önce

    I haven’t watched WWE in forever. I caught this match while doing cardio at the gym and honestly was impressed. WWE needs more seasoned stars like these two working angles together. Mysterio looked like a total runt lol

  97. Víctor Cardenas

    Víctor CardenasAylar önce

    Wish they would go back to his old attire with the 619 pants and the shitless

  98. Alexis Zhumi-Leal

    Alexis Zhumi-LealAylar önce

    We all want to see Roman reigns vs Walter that might be one of the best matches ever in wwe history

  99. Shane Bellantoni

    Shane BellantoniAylar önce


  100. King of The Monsters

    King of The MonstersAylar önce

    Can anyone end his dominant title reign

  101. رضا البصري

    رضا البصريAylar önce


  102. The Induna

    The IndunaAylar önce

    I guess Ray has had all his miraculous moments

  103. shashonnie williams

    shashonnie williamsAylar önce

    Man this is so dumb now I know for facts wwe is fake because Roman reigns wins every match like come on give me a break

  104. REDACTED !!

    REDACTED !!Aylar önce

    everyone knows its fake calm down lmao

  105. يحيا الشعب الأمريكي و الأجانب جميعهم .

    يحيا الشعب الأمريكي و الأجانب جميعهم .Aylar önce

    مصارعه حمااااااااااااااااااسيييييييييييه كفو الزعيم رومان رينز ، 🔥🔥🔥 💪💪💪 💪💪💪 .

  106. cnmmd qiuoo

    cnmmd qiuooAylar önce

    This is a GOAT heel run for Roman

  107. Vanne Pascal Steve

    Vanne Pascal SteveAylar önce

    But Rey mysterio tried his best

  108. Joseph Canto

    Joseph CantoAylar önce

    Rey misterio con pantalones ajustados?