Visiting Dream [Dream SMP]


  1. Technoblade

    TechnobladeAylar önce

    skip to 9:17 if you want to skip me stalling because Phil's internet died

  2. Adeeva Quinn

    Adeeva Quinn13 gün önce


  3. The Gamer Monkey

    The Gamer Monkey24 gün önce


  4. Creep block yt

    Creep block yt25 gün önce


  5. Xrt

    XrtAylar önce

    @DaPhatOneIsOut haha

  6. DaPhatOneIsOut

    DaPhatOneIsOutAylar önce


  7. Glupost

    Glupost3 saatler önce

    Techno vacation

  8. Micah G.

    Micah G.4 saatler önce

    Everyone on the server: stone cold killers. Techno: try’s to bring a polar bear into prison.

  9. M O N K E

    M O N K E4 saatler önce


  10. mz crazy

    mz crazy8 saatler önce

    People: *Are litterly giving Techno money*. Techno: "I don't want to hear that..."

  11. M O N K E

    M O N K E4 saatler önce

    Like wtf

  12. Jaiden West

    Jaiden West8 saatler önce


  13. Jace Bates

    Jace Bates11 saatler önce

    Dream is better than tecknoblade

  14. M O N K E

    M O N K E4 saatler önce


  15. HUAN XI XIN Moe

    HUAN XI XIN Moe11 saatler önce

    Dream: No,Techno it's a trap! Technoblade: HEH

  16. Orlando Menn

    Orlando Menn11 saatler önce

    “there’s no bell’s in prison.” little did technoblade know

  17. touya aka dabi todoroki

    touya aka dabi todoroki12 saatler önce

    Hi tecnoblade

  18. #ProLife Team

    #ProLife Team12 saatler önce

    Some one in the chat asked are oreos a good breakfast fast

  19. Dream0n

    Dream0n13 saatler önce


  20. Master Yoda gaming

    Master Yoda gaming14 saatler önce

    You should join dream manhunt

  21. Reshirex

    Reshirex16 saatler önce


  22. Lizzy Barber

    Lizzy Barber20 saatler önce

    I just realizad if you were to break dream out you could have played it out Like you were going to visit dream put your keep inventory on and keep only the stuff you planned on taking with you to help break dream out.

  23. M O N K E

    M O N K E4 saatler önce

    Huh he cant put on keep invertory and thats out of lore and RP

  24. Dream 1234

    Dream 123421 saatler önce

    One question WHERE ARE THE TABLES

  25. Tien Hoang

    Tien Hoang22 saatler önce


  26. Eggdog

    EggdogGün önce

    Techno could break out if he went into the lava get to the bed he placed break it, but he would have one life left.

  27. Txrst

    TxrstGün önce

    But... yk Script

  28. The Golden Knight Gamer

    The Golden Knight GamerGün önce


  29. bcfb21

    bcfb21Gün önce

    Money says philza comes to the rescue with Steve Carl and the hounds

  30. Drko

    DrkoGün önce


  31. Drko

    Drko4 saatler önce

    @M O N K E why is this

  32. M O N K E

    M O N K E4 saatler önce


  33. markel yves

    markel yvesGün önce

    Technoblade is my idol im 8 years old

  34. M O N K E

    M O N K E4 saatler önce

    Stfu kid

  35. Emm Dubb

    Emm DubbGün önce

    Philza going to rescue?

  36. glich trap

    glich trapGün önce

    releas the egg tecno pleas

  37. M O N K E

    M O N K E4 saatler önce

    He wont see this

  38. Nathanael Graf

    Nathanael GrafGün önce

    By the way... is technoblade actually an Anarchist, or just on the DreamSMP?

  39. COUNTRYBALL Random

    COUNTRYBALL RandomGün önce

    Adult man : yes I’m a big boi I’m a biiig boi

  40. Jude Fischer

    Jude FischerGün önce


  41. Irena Airo

    Irena Airo2 gün önce

    Phil' internet can die but not Tecno

  42. Alfred Fang

    Alfred Fang2 gün önce

    I am noob did you join me in brawl stars

  43. TerrorJinx

    TerrorJinx2 gün önce

    wrong video

  44. lucas aguila

    lucas aguila2 gün önce

    Techno never dies dude you died

  45. Jonathan Chiappetta

    Jonathan Chiappetta2 gün önce


  46. Musa Aruna

    Musa Aruna2 gün önce

    Techno is so charming he always finds a way to make people laugh and that pogers

  47. Zoe birk

    Zoe birk2 gün önce


  48. Tsuki no Otaku

    Tsuki no Otaku2 gün önce

    Sam: serious grim guard, on guard over everything hapening Techno: on a fun field trip, having fun over everything hapening

  49. Harrybktm65

    Harrybktm652 gün önce

    Bruh u sound like marlin baits

  50. I like to dweam :]

    I like to dweam :]3 gün önce

    He’s kinda he’s kinda sussss. 💀🤣

  51. Ashlil Londa

    Ashlil Londa3 gün önce

    Why da hel does the thumbnail give me vibes of naruto shipudden

  52. WolfyPlayz

    WolfyPlayz3 gün önce

    steve is a god

  53. WolfyPlayz

    WolfyPlayz3 gün önce



    ALAN JOHN CHANDRA3 gün önce

    That thumbnail is scary dude. Especially your character

  55. Clayton x Gaming

    Clayton x Gaming3 gün önce

    Technoblade loves authority

  56. Clark Rahman

    Clark Rahman3 gün önce

    Somehow this timed out so the Delta covid variant is making this server juicy again and your lore is the ONLY lore that matters

  57. IIsatomi3ii

    IIsatomi3ii3 gün önce

    Ph1lz stream into: "is hype as shit, always on time" Technoblades stream intro: "startin the stream"

  58. zyrksies

    zyrksies3 gün önce

    Currently going through all forms that Sam made techno sign to see if techno can legally sue the prison

  59. zyrksies

    zyrksies3 gün önce

    If dream were to create a security problem Sam wouldn’t be able to legally keep techno in there for more than a week( of coarse this would only work if we read potentially as in the event happening)

  60. zyrksies

    zyrksies3 gün önce

    The prisons wavers are really well written. Nooooo

  61. zyrksies

    zyrksies3 gün önce

    If you were to help the prisoner escape and then after were to go and sign all forms Sam legally couldn’t go and kill you until you are completely dead because the forms don’t say anything about before

  62. Kenneth Gamez

    Kenneth Gamez3 gün önce


  63. Hi Bye

    Hi Bye3 gün önce

    Dream is finally not homeless

  64. Chimimen Daves

    Chimimen Daves3 gün önce

    38:12 is when he visits dream

  65. mike_rocks45

    mike_rocks453 gün önce


  66. Charlie Miller

    Charlie Miller3 gün önce

    Techno 30 mins later:breaks out to ring channel member bell, then quietly strolls back in prison

  67. Dante Chapman↗️

    Dante Chapman↗️3 gün önce

    why dosent techno just go into the laba and respawn and if sam destroyed the bed it would be better coz he wont even be in the prison

  68. Mia Barahona

    Mia Barahona3 gün önce

    And they (techno and dream) were roommates

  69. Bryan Yankee

    Bryan Yankee3 gün önce

    okmmn ,b mvm

  70. Fortunatot Tienzojr

    Fortunatot Tienzojr3 gün önce

    Nobody's talking abt the thumbnail?

  71. gavin duncan

    gavin duncan4 gün önce

    i stubbed my toe

  72. Julie_Ackerman

    Julie_Ackerman4 gün önce

    He he hua

  73. Spacegamer

    Spacegamer4 gün önce

    32:25 he’s legit contemplating whether he should press the lever or not

  74. phengc515

    phengc5154 gün önce

    Techno blade😅😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣

  75. Cheese

    Cheese4 gün önce

    That map was hacker

  76. Peter Drahos

    Peter Drahos5 gün önce


  77. FreezingCosmic

    FreezingCosmic5 gün önce

    its ok ur upload schedule isnt as bad as vihart’s

  78. FreezingCosmic

    FreezingCosmic5 gün önce

    because of his awful upload schedule his old vids comments are pretty active, neat

  79. RyanMK666

    RyanMK6665 gün önce

  80. Lokesh

    Lokesh4 gün önce

    Ryan how you do that

  81. Vihaan Garoo

    Vihaan Garoo5 gün önce

    Techno u can help dream escape!! I'll tell u the plan if u permit or atleast reply back.

  82. The Gaming Veda

    The Gaming Veda5 gün önce

    dream is the best

  83. Tyrell Chambers

    Tyrell Chambers5 gün önce


  84. angle

    angle5 gün önce


  85. chaotic gamer

    chaotic gamer5 gün önce

    tchno u tryn to become 1# in farming subscribers

  86. Smol Tachanka

    Smol Tachanka6 gün önce

    Hey techno will you ever join the rachjelor of love or host?

  87. Reiniel Dumo

    Reiniel Dumo6 gün önce

    "You're incharge of distributing my stuff." could be weapons to break him out

  88. Joy Soragja

    Joy Soragja6 gün önce


  89. RayD4I3R

    RayD4I3R6 gün önce

    Dream scream

  90. Isabella Inman

    Isabella Inman6 gün önce

    You should play Portals 2!

  91. Mike Christian

    Mike Christian6 gün önce

    Post all ready

  92. your local weirdo

    your local weirdo6 gün önce


  93. your local weirdo

    your local weirdo4 gün önce

    @Lokesh hello :D

  94. Lokesh

    Lokesh4 gün önce

    Hii cute axotl

  95. Fantastic Jp

    Fantastic Jp7 gün önce

    In the story techno and dream is a team right against the whole smp??

  96. Keana Bernardo

    Keana Bernardo7 gün önce

    Kill dream

  97. 𝕂𝕖𝕤𝕙𝕙𝕚𝕩𝕏𝕏𝔻

    𝕂𝕖𝕤𝕙𝕙𝕚𝕩𝕏𝕏𝔻7 gün önce

    Alternate title: human pig visits a criminal blob in an inescapable prison.

  98. VedadoGaming 98

    VedadoGaming 987 gün önce

    "I love authority" You can sense the fear in his voice.

  99. PH0EN1X

    PH0EN1X7 gün önce

    Is it just me or does this guy sound like Shroud?

  100. Hannah Lasurdo

    Hannah Lasurdo7 gün önce

    Is it just me or does techno sound like a villager when he dose heee

  101. Samuel Dixon

    Samuel Dixon7 gün önce

    Did anyone notice the bedrock and the three spawners in his ended chest

  102. Amber Nichole

    Amber Nichole7 gün önce

    i love the pig army

  103. Rue

    Rue7 gün önce

    I was ready to hear Phil say, "I punched that dog in self defence," at 12:14

  104. Steve Moody

    Steve Moody7 gün önce

    Like the home nail

  105. Roland Bay Westh

    Roland Bay Westh7 gün önce

    bro what about hes spawn point lol

  106. Josh Povey

    Josh Povey7 gün önce

    Piggy uploaded

  107. Christian See

    Christian See8 gün önce

    I know how u can escape without dying but it’s risky

  108. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke Uchiha8 gün önce

    Technoblade never dies

  109. Richard Buchan

    Richard Buchan8 gün önce


  110. h

    h8 gün önce

    Why didn’t techno kill himself? Wouldn’t he respawn in the bed where he sighted the contracts

  111. Gabriel Lynton

    Gabriel Lynton8 gün önce


  112. Stormy248

    Stormy2488 gün önce

    and they were roommates

  113. yeled undertale

    yeled undertale8 gün önce

    I like how this has 6.9 million views

  114. Egg boi

    Egg boi8 gün önce

    Its so funny that he is prisoned in the server in the name of him

  115. Jesusdestroys

    Jesusdestroys8 gün önce

    Techno knows he wont die if he gets hunted

  116. MaddenMeow Gaming

    MaddenMeow Gaming8 gün önce

    noo dt

  117. Yolata Mteto

    Yolata Mteto8 gün önce

    Have poeple realised that dream and sam sound alike

  118. Belal Wessam Salah Eldin Zaki

    Belal Wessam Salah Eldin Zaki8 gün önce

    The thing is dream is opped he can go into creative

  119. Levoin Craft

    Levoin Craft9 gün önce

    You who send several hundred dollars, what are you winning for? Technoblade do not care at all about you.

  120. El show del gusano del tiempo

    El show del gusano del tiempo9 gün önce

    Grande el tennoblade

  121. Kyle Raven najito

    Kyle Raven najito9 gün önce

    Destroy the egg destroy there country